Who Won In MHADA Lottery Home In The Last Draw?

By | January 9, 2019

Where sportsperson and orphans got the benefit, there M.P., M.L.A got shocked in MHADA Lottery 2019

With the intention of orphan’s empowerment, the MHADA (Maharashtra Housing and Development Authority) introduced 1% quota for orphans in the state housing schemes. The Government is set up the quota for education as well as government jobs. However this month, it forwarded a step in the housing development for orphans.

MHADA halved 1% percent reservation of State’s MPs and MLAs

As the MHADA has approved to grant 1% reservation to sportspersons and orphans in LIG homes. The 1% quota will fill by halving the allotment of MPs, MLAs, and MLCs. So far, MHADA was granting 2% reservations for State’s MPs, MLAs, and MLCs in the LIG housing. Now it will remain just to 1%.

However, Uday Samant predicted, “This scheme won’t affect reservations for MLAs and MPs for the MIG and HIG.”

Furthermore, He told, that the application won’t entertain or receivable of legislators or parliamentarians if the monthly income reach above 25000 as the specified limit for LIG applicants. To prove the quota cut, he said, in the previous MHADA lottery, the team didn’t receive a single application from them for LIG home. That’s why we diverted the fraction of reservation for the orphans and sportspersons.

Except, this MHADA has also made a plan to increase the reservation quota for its own employees. With intention, to facilitate their employee affordable public housing.

Sawant also told Rickshaw driver will get more subsidy approx INR 3.5 Lacs. The 1 lac price subsidy will get through affiliating the Pradhan Mantri Jan Awas Yojana. PMJAY scheme already offers to get discount of INR 2.5 Lacs.

Who wished and won in MHADA Lottery home in the last term?

In the last MHADA lottery result of MHADA which published in December 2018. Then, there were 43 M.L.A applicants applied for 26 houses. However, the winners got too. Vinod Shirke got two houses from the three most costly houses.

He is a prominent leader of Shiv Sena. While the Shakha Pramukh got a house, worth INR 5.80 crore. Hemant Godse M.P. of Shiv Sena from Nashik drawn a home of 99 lacs.

Destiny is something, which exists has proved with the MHADA lottery result. A person applied 83 forms for the lottery draw to win a home. And the applicant had to sale his native house for submitting 83 forms. However, the applicant didn’t get a house in the mass lottery draw of MHADA.

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