2019 Lok Sabha Elections – BSP and SP have shaken their hand

By | January 11, 2019

BSP shaking hand with SP for 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, Congress is out of the alliance.

UP’s two major political parties have set up a plan for the 2019 Lok Sabha Election. The National Party BSP and SP have shaken their hand for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections. Both parties have met up and also decided about the number of contest seats.  Both BSP and SP political party will contest an equal number of seats. SP will work to win 37 seats, and the same number seat will be contested through BSP.

BSP-SP alliance won’t try to win the Congress’s forts in the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

The two major parties alliance has decided not to contest in the Congress’s fort. The Amethi and Rae Bareli are the two forts of Indian National Congress. Amethi is the constituency where Congress leader Rahul Gandhi wins, thence Rae Bareli is the palace of Sonia Gandhi yet.

Except for these two seats, the alliance has also decided to rest on some other constituencies. The alliance will not contest on the seats of Rashtriya Lok Dal. They are additionally prepared to set aside situates for Jat leader Ajit S Singh’s RLD. It is also considering that the Nishad Party’s seat will also leave to contest. Krishna Patel’s seat will also be free from the alliance-member.

Political experts predicted that while SP is demanding equality. There is no problem in winning BSP more than one seat to ensure uninterrupted partnership with Mayawati. BSP’s Supreme Mayawati is capable of a tough bargain.

The formal announcement of this alliance may announce on Mayawati’s Birthday. The 15th of January is a highlight in the BSP’s political calendar, the day of Mayawati’s Birthday. 15th January is also celebrated for the Glamorous Bride of SP’s Boss Akhilesh Yadav. The M.P. of Kannauj Mrs. Dimple Yadav. It is considering both parties will organize a huge celebration and may also announce their alliance news.

Streamline predicted that Akhilesh may greet Mayawati at her residence on her birthday. Both party supreme can address the conference jointly. However, there is no clear sign and news, who will address first about this alliance for 2019 Lok Sabha Election.

This alliance happened in the residence of BSP’s Supremo, dwelled in New Delhi’s Rakabganj road. It granted through both parties head Akhilesh and Mayawati during a Marathon Meeting.

Lok Sabha elections 2014 Results of 80 seats of UP.

The previous Lok Sabha elections result was in support of SP, but not for BSP. The Samajwadi Party bagged 5 seats and 22.3% of Vote Share, while BSP’s share was 19.8%, but couldn’t get a seat. RLD didn’t win a seat in 2014 and had share 0.9 percent. However, RLD won Kairana constituency in bye-election of Lok Sabha 2018. Apna Dal’s bagged two constituencies with 1 percent of Vote share. Congress remained on their 2 forts with 7.5% vote share. The BJP got the highest number of constituencies 71 seats.

However, it is expected, this time it will tough to remain with the number of seats BJP won five years ago. The capturing of big number 73 seats played the crucial role in achieving the Prime Ministerial Post.

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